skyrocketing rents ‘forcing families out onto the streets’, says qld legal professional

the queensland government is being urged to impose a cap on lease increases to deter predatory landlords and real estate retailers from gouging prone tenants.

bruce simmonds, litigation director of gold coast firm parker simmonds solicitors & attorneys, said it’s time for queensland legislators to step up and deal with what’s becoming a humanitarian disaster, as extra families are forced out onto the streets.

more and more condo tenants are being priced out of their houses by means of skyrocketing rents, he argued, with media headlines displaying rental tenants copping $one hundred a week hire rises and given mere days to just accept or be made homeless.

median rents, mr simmonds persevered, have reportedly skyrocketed to five-12 months document highs throughout plenty of queensland, and with out a prison cap on lease increases, landlords and condo dealers are exploiting the loophole.

“i’ve had calls from people desperate to understand their legal options due to the volatile condominium marketplace,” said mr simmonds. “the tragedy from a prison perspective is that tenants have few protections.”

under the residential tenancies and rooming lodging act 2008, landlords can handiest improve rent expenses if at least six months has exceeded for the reason that closing increase, for both periodic and stuck-term agreements. tenants on periodic agreements should accept months’ notice of an growth by the landlord.

“however there is nothing inside the act that specifies how lots lease may be improved by, and the queensland government does no longer intend to exchange that rule despite increasing calls for caps to be located on lease rises,” stated mr simmonds.

media reports quoted a spokesman from queensland’s branch of groups, housing and digital economic system, who said that putting a cap on rent will increase may want to pose a hazard to queensland’s rental “deliver and affordability” — a perception mr simmonds rejected.

they’re “weasel phrases which forget about the human price of predatory landlords and condominium sellers successfully given nation government approval to price some thing rent growth they prefer”, stated mr simmonds

“it’s gouging, undeniable and simple and any admire for commonplace decency is ignored as more tenants are pressured to live of their motors because they had been priced out of their houses,” he stated.

“the queensland authorities should be ashamed of itself for refusing to address the rental disaster, whilst losing greater than $220 million putting in and running the one thousand bed wellcamp quarantine facility at the darling downs that is now being mothballed after minimal use.

“simply this could be re-purposed in a few way to assist those forced on to the streets by means of lease rises?

“if the nation authorities won’t deal with the condominium hike scandal, perhaps it wishes the federal authorities to step in and overrule them?

“not unusual decency needs that a person act on behalf of those being made homeless with the aid of unrestrained rent rises.

“the country changed into inclined to spend untold millions of greenbacks for unused resort rooms for covid quarantine functions, yet they do nothing whilst queenslanders are compelled directly to the streets due to outrageous hire will increase.”

mr simmonds said the queensland government has badly failed its people, “as opposed to spending billions at the ego-stoking 2032 olympic games in brisbane, it need to be spending time and money proper now to ensure all queenslanders have get entry to to an low priced home”.

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