indian-born attorney making his mark in america’s felony enterprise

benson varghese attributes his achievement and entrepreneurial spirit, in part, to his teenage years on a hardscrabble rubber plantation in a tiny village in southern india

at age forty, benson varghese has gathered an impressive collection of achievements. the indian-born lawyer is the founder and handling associate of varghese summersett, one of the largest and fastest-developing crook protection and family regulation practices in north texas.

he is also launching a brand new case control software program for regulation companies known as lawft, that is expected to convert the way legal professionals conduct the commercial enterprise of regulation.

varghese attributes his success and entrepreneurial spirit, in element, to his teenage years on a hardscrabble rubber plantation in a tiny village in southern india.

“difficult times, closed doors, and an entire lot of rejections helped me get in which i’m these days,” varghese stated. “instead of letting setbacks outline me, they drove me to work tougher. circumstances pressured me to locate my very own way and increase a completely unique perspective, one that lets in me to look possibilities in which others sometimes see roadblocks.”

varghese became born in kerala, in a beautiful but small village in southern india. he changed into the second one of 3 kids, and the only son, to varghese mathai and rachel varghese.

while varghese was a little one, his own family moved to america after his mom universal a task as a nurse in dallas, texas.

“on the time, america wanted nurses, in order that created a pathway for us to move over,” he stated. “and, of path, my mother and father desired us to have higher opportunities than what became to be had in kerala.”

but by the time varghese become in center faculty, his parents noticed a need for him to go back to india.

“allow’s just say i used to be a piece of a wayward teens,” varghese said. “i began entering into school backyard dust-united states of americaand fist-fights. my dad and mom decided it might be satisfactory if i went lower back to india. the plan, first of all, changed into for me to visit boarding school. luckily for me, that plan quickly changed to me living and running on a rubber plantation that my dad had bought years in advance.”

so, inside the sixth grade, varghese determined himself on a plane sure for india.

“it became most effective the second time i have been back to india,” varghese stated. “i had long gone returned once earlier than for my uncle’s wedding, whilst i used to be like 6 or 7, but that become a surprisingly short trip. and, of direction, i failed to speak the language.”

“i was literally thrown into the deep give up of a brand new country, subculture, language and way of existence.”

running the plantation in india

kerala—this means that “land of coconuts”—is a lovely area. they name it god’s united states. it is a tropical kingdom full of rolling hills, rivers, waterfalls and lush plants. the land is wealthy and best for coconut, banana and rubber trees. rubber production become the mainstay of the economic system on the time.

some years earlier, varghese’s father had purchased a rubber plantation, which his grandfather became strolling even as the circle of relatives turned into residing and working in the us.

“it become my dad’s dream home,” varghese said. “he used to stroll with the aid of it on his manner to highschool whilst he became a kid, so as soon as he became capable of afford it, he bought it. he was making plans on retiring there a few day.”

sending varghese returned to india was, in element, an effort to present the young guy a few lots-wished area. but it changed into also an opportunity for him to get to recognise his extended own family, and most significantly, understand the culture he became from.

it become also a manner for varghese’s father to preserve an eye fixed on his investment: that is, if varghese did not run it into the floor first.

“i discovered to run the rubber plantation the hard way, through making every mistake feasible,” varghese stated, guffawing. “you call it, i screwed it up.”

varghese changed into subsequently answerable for all components of the plantation – from hiring seasonal employees, to coping with price range, to ensuring that the bushes were tapped well and pressed into usable materials.

“it feels like numerous duty for a youngster and it changed into,” varghese said. “and at the same time as being in a small village intended i was residing in a truly by-long past era, it additionally meant everybody knew each different, and you genuinely couldn’t get into too much trouble.”

notwithstanding the abundance of natural assets – or possibly, due to it – kerala appeared as although it changed into in large part unaffected via the development of the rest of the sector. the power went out on a day by day basis. water was drawn from a well. warm food intended cutting firewood. there were no computer systems in the village and the internet became remarkable.

“i consider once in a while being capable of track into bbc global radio at the fm band,” varghese stated.

after which, there were the monsoons.

for three months out of the 12 months, darkish clouds protected the sky as torrential rain fell and apparently in no way ended.

“the rain become relentless,” varghese said. “over the years, of direction, i discovered to apprehend and respect that those downpours introduced the parched land to life and prepared it for seeds that farmers sow in the spring.”

varghese describes his time in india because the monsoon season of his existence.

“in that far flung corner of the arena, i used to be pressured to grow up and become a man,” varghese stated. “even though it regarded overseas or even dark at times, it prepared me for my future – a destiny that would no longer were feasible however for my time on that rubber plantation in a tiny village in southern india.”

“i was equipped for larger matters.”

returning to the usa to meet the american dream

once varghese became 18, he sought us citizenship and again to dallas to pursue better education. he quick obtained his ged and changed into common at the cox school of enterprise at southern methodist university.

throughout this time, his father asked him approximately his long time plans. he hoped that his son could come to be a lawyer, a dream that the elder varghese have been unable to fulfill himself.

“i requested him if he became going to pursue his law degree, and he failed to respond to that,” varghese mathai said. “he wanted to be a businessman.”

varghese graduated smu with honors with a commercial enterprise diploma and set his sights on obtaining a master’s degree in commercial enterprise. to his father’s chagrin, it failed to appear as though varghese had any intention of going to regulation faculty.

and then, varghese changed direction – a selection that still modified the trajectory of his lifestyles.

varghese received admission to texas tech college school of law in lubbock, where he graduated in 2009 with a juris health practitioner.

a law degree in hand, varghese got down to make his mark on the world. he were given a task as a prosecutor on the tarrant county district attorney’s office – a profession he idea might bring him the rest of his life.

“i sincerely enjoyed the work and idea i’d usually wear the white hat,” he stated.

as a young legal professional, varghes prosecuted quite a few misdemeanor crimes, which includes shoplifting, fights and using drunk. he longed for the day while he could be assigned bigger, more serious cases.

however on the time, there has been very little room for development, as varghese become one of the youngest prosecutors inside the workplace and no person became retiring or leaving.

“i decided to leave and pass into personal practice, in which i may want to have greater control over my career and tap into my entrepreneurial spirit.”

varghese summersett is born

in 2014, varghese left his activity as a prosecutor to release a crook protection firm in citadel well worth. he hung his shingle in a 10 x 15 office using $9,000 in seed cash that he borrowed from his uncle.

a brief time later, anna summersett – his law accomplice on the tarrant county district legal professional’s office and future spouse – joined him.

varghese summerestt changed into born.

inside 3 years of the corporation’s inception, varghese summersett attracted the first-rate and brightest attorneys in north texas and grew exponentially. the firm moved right into a terrifi, 8,500 rectangular feet of space overlooking downtown citadel worth.

the subsequent yr, the firm become recognized because the 782nd fastest growing enterprise inside the united states of america by using inc. 5000 magazine. the yr after that, varghese summersestt become named the sixth fastest growing company in fortress really worth.

extra awards and honors accompanied. nowadays, vaghese summersett has extra 5-megastar google critiques than every other defense practice in texas – an accolade for which varghese is maximum proud.

“our growth and fulfillment are a right away end result of our dedication to excellence,” varghese said. “i am so proud of what we have built and the crew we’ve got assembled.”

with the criminal commercial enterprise thriving, the corporation has now branched into family regulation. varghese summersett family regulation institution handles divorce, infant custody disputes, asset division, and other emotionally-charged family law subjects.

and closing month, the criminal division spread out some other office in nearby dallas.

today, the organization personnel about 20 group individuals, which include legal professionals, paralegals and guide group of workers. and they’re simply getting started.

“i am excited to peer what the future holds for varghese summersett,” varghese said. “we are poised for persisted boom and fulfillment.”

and new adventures.

varghese has spent the final year designing and growing a brand new case control software program gadget known as lawft, with the intention to provide regulation corporations gear to more successfully communicate with customers, control caseloads, and develop their practices.

“we are hoping to release later this 12 months,” varghese said. “it will be a recreation changer for the prison industry. there is so much that technology can do – and we as a profession, have been at the back of almost each other enterprise. we’re going to change that. i assume lawft may have key influences. the first is unprecedented law corporation increase. the second is enhancing get admission to to justice.”

he is likewise working on a ebook that he hopes to have posted in 2023.

“it’s about seeing each closed door as an opportunity,” he stated. “it additionally lays out a way to construct and grow a thriving regulation exercise.”

varghese attributes his achievement to most of the values he discovered as a teen at the same time as dwelling at the plantation. his accomplishments are a testomony to his tough work, courage, generosity, and dogged willpower.

“i found out simply as a good deal approximately enterprise on that plantation as i did at one of the country’s pinnacle commercial enterprise colleges,” he said, regarding his undergraduate degree from smu.

he plans to take his 3 sons again to the plantation when they get a bit older. his parents retired there, and he desires his boys to see what his formative years have been like.

“i want them to see wherein i came from,” varghese stated. “the ones years fashioned me into who i’m nowadays. and i want them to understand that some thing is feasible if you paintings tough, bet on your self, and in no way surrender on what’s important to you.”

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