e book assessment: ‘the lawyer’s guide to collaboration equipment and technology’

the co-hosts of the legal technology podcast “the kennedy-mighell file” have written a e-book on collaboration era.

in march 2020, the direction of all our lives shifted, and no matter how you examine it, the sector will never be the identical. our groups, our views, and the approaches in which we engage were essentially modified due to the effects of the pandemic. social distancing became required for a ways longer than anybody predicted, and, as a result, we grew to depend upon generation to bridge the communication hole, specifically in the enterprise global.

on the begin of the pandemic, collaboration technologies had been fast jury-rigged, offering a sufficient short-time period way to the far flung collaboration problem. however, now that we’re emerging on the other aspect of this life-changing event, the short-time period stop-gap measures are proving to be insufficient. agencies, along with regulation companies, are in search of to put in force extra-permanent conversation and collaboration equipment now that the advantages of the use of these technology for both performance and business continuity functions have been virtually mounted.

for regulation companies searching for to make that bounce, a newly released e book via dennis kennedy and thomas mighell, “the legal professional’s guide to collaboration equipment and technology, make money working from home edition,” offers a whole lot-wanted steerage. i was furnished with a review copy and found it to be incredibly informative with plenty of advice and how-tos for lawyers looking for to analyze extra about collaboration technology.

why you ought to read this e book

honestly put: attorneys have a obligation of generation competence. a part of that responsibility includes studying about technology so that you could make knowledgeable choices whilst deciding on new software program in your law corporation.

in 2012, the yank bar affiliation amended the feedback to version rule of expert behavior 1.1 to include the concept of era competence. this change imposes an ethical responsibility on lawyers to live abreast of adjustments in technology and reads as follows:

maintaining competence. to hold the needful information and skill, a attorney ought to hold abreast of modifications inside the law and its practice, inclusive of the advantages and dangers associated with applicable era, have interaction in continuing observe and training and follow all continuing felony schooling necessities to which the attorney is concern. (emphasis introduced).

for the reason that that point, the substantial majority of jurisdictions (40 to date) in the u.s.a. have introduced statement to their moral guidelines indicating that legal professionals have an responsibility to stay on pinnacle of changes in technology.

consistent with kennedy and mighell, a part of that competence consists of the use of collaboration software:

this e-book serves as an prolonged argument that attorneys can not practice regulation or correctly deliver prison offerings with out the professional use of collaboration gear and technologies … you do not want to recognise the whole lot about collaboration tools and technologies to be capable, but you have to be aware and knowledgeable approximately the ones you operate or are anticipated to apply for your exercise.

this e-book bridges that information hole and fingers you with the information had to make knowledgeable selections about implementing new collaboration technologies into your regulation company.

what you’ll learn

you probable understand the numerous blessings of participating in the cloud, however like many lawyers can be overwhelmed via the sheer wide variety of collaboration gear available. that’s wherein this e book is available in: it affords a roadmap that will assist in selecting collaboration equipment which might be a very good match in your law company.

subjects blanketed encompass:

collaboration technology available to attorneys
sensible tips for the usage of collaboration tools in commonplace settings
the way to select the proper gear and apprehend the troubles concerned in
the usage of collaboration technologies
tendencies and traits in collaboration tools
a way to broaden a approach for enforcing collaboration tools in
your practice, and make higher decisions about what collaboration
tools to use in numerous settings
the 12-step system for selecting collaboration equipment

now not handiest do the authors cover the ins and outs of the collaboration gear to be had to attorneys, additionally they offer a 12-step system for developing a plan designed that will help you choose the collaboration equipment your regulation corporation wishes.

every step is addressed in element in the book, however to whet your appetite, here is the listing of steps:

step 1: the collaboration audit — evaluation your corporation’s approaches
step 2: the collaboration audit — assess your corporation’s equipment
step 3: the collaboration audit — painting a photograph of where
you are
step 4: brainstorming where you want to be
step 5: enforce a purchaser survey
step 6: outline your factor b
step 7: decide what your current tools can do
step 8: studies and become acquainted with the current panorama
for collaboration gear
step 9: set some priorities
step 10: get purchase-in from stakeholders in your organization
step 11: consider your subculture
step 12: treat this as a method

collaboration tool spotlight: customer portals

one key collaboration tool featured in the e-book is consumer portals. the authors recommend customer portals because they may be “the primary constructing blocks of on line collaboration (on the grounds that they) integrate … the great elements of a present day, flexible public internet site with the security and manipulate of a non-public, inner utility.”

consumer portals address a number of pivotal issues for legal professionals, no longer the least of that is the client communication trouble. the authors provide an explanation for that customer portals provide a problem-loose, stable way to ensure an open line of communication with customers:

one of the maximum frequent customer court cases approximately legal professionals, and the difficulty of many disciplinary proceedings, is that attorneys do not keep clients knowledgeable about what is taking place with their matters. portals help resolve that problem by using growing a channel for normal, continually on hand conversation, updates, and signals on court cases and transactions. a portal that maintains your clients updated, offers them with information and developments, and even allows them to collaborate on tasks and files will display them that you are paying attention.

consistent with kennedy and mighell, the easiest way to put in force patron portals on your corporation is to take gain of the portal capability constructed into law exercise management software program. by doing so, you’ll have a complete range of collaboration capabilities and capability to be had to you:

exercise management portals. practice control tools provide
possibly the most famous and famous purchaser portals nowadays.
clio, rocket remember, and mycase offer secure purchaser portals as component
of their wellknown offerings, which provide client get entry to to payments, files, steady messages, tasks, and calendars proper out of the box.
because many lawyers are already using on line practice control gear, it makes sense to appearance right here first for customer portal options.

of path, there are numerous other collaboration tools to be had to attorneys, as

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