joe and lucy thompson create the lifestyle and business in their goals inside the brisbane hinterland

tucked away within the luscious brisbane hinterland, joe and lucy thompson and their six-12 months-vintage daughter ava, were able to steady a brand new lifestyle and business which has changed their lives.

joe, a proud iningai and wakka wakka guy, and lucy were operating the maiala park motel home at mount wonderful, simply outside brisbane because 2021, after determining they needed a brand new assignment.

“the commercial for the belongings randomly regarded on our social feeds and subsequently commenced our dream of strolling away to the mountain and being our very own bosses,” mr thompson stated.

mr thompson discovered the whanu binal indigenous entrepreneurship application after seeking to further his enterprise management competencies for the hotel.

whanu binal gives first countries entrepreneurs, executives, managers and traditional custodians a threat to construct upon their enterprise and entrepreneurial abilties through a virtual yarning area and indigenous mastering styles.

“we have been both sad with our preceding employment and had been looking for some thing that provided a lifestyle trade for our circle of relatives,” mr thompson said.

“after falling in love with the belongings and dreaming a few greater we determined to offer it a pass, with the answer to maximum of our questions being – why not?”

maiala park inn has been built on garumngar usa of the jinibara nation. the jinibara human beings are the mountain people. their name method “human beings of the legal professional vine” (bara which means “human beings” and jini which means “attorney vine”).

“maiala” is a phrase from the jinibara people meaning quiet location.

focused around the main residence, four suites provide luxury lodging each with personal ensuites and kitchenettes. boasting 2 fireplaces and stunning views the main house is the precise spot to unwind after an afternoon of exploring what the area has to offer.

the hotel changed into in the beginning constructed in 1999 by means of ada and frank vander woude.

the thompson circle of relatives now own and live at maiala park hotel. they’ve introduced their character to the property and for the re-establishing of the lodge in spring 2021 for guests over again.

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